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We are a food manufacturer with clear convictions, which we turn into active practice in our company at all levels. Our responsibility towards customers, consumers and animals on the one hand, and the confidence in our employees, business partners and regional roots on the other, has shaped our corporate philosophy for more than 50 years.

We continuously optimise framework conditions and processes in order to provide our customers with the best possible quality. Only through this commitment are we – as the industry leader across Europe – capable of permanently meeting the justified quality demands of our trading partners.


The satisfaction of our customers and ultimate consumers is our responsibility. For this reason, we have implemented pioneering measures and concepts for top quality, safety and sustainability already at an early stage. Our commitment to research and development and our sophisticated animal welfare concept has set international industry standards.


As a food manufacturer and family-operated business with strong local roots, we feel committed and connected to the countryside. We are happy to invest in our region, strengthen and promote local structures and always keep an eye on the needs of our environment.


In the future, we will continue living up to our responsibility, to ensure that all those involved can benefit from our continuous, sustainable and healthy development. Within this context, we let ourselves be guided by ecological, economic and social objectives.

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