Getting the animals off the ground in a gentle way

Heidemark is setting standards in terms of animal-friendly loading, as we move full-grown turkeys off the ground with specially developed loading conveyors and expert personnel.


Our aim is to load and transport the animals in a manner as calm and animal-friendly as possible. For the innovative loading process, we use a loading technology which we were actively involved in developing. Via loading conveyors the turkeys enter the transport boxes of the trucks in a gentle way. The protected loading process improves animal welfare and eases pressure on the loading personnel. The transport logistics specially adapted to the loading system is another guarantee for safeguarding animal welfare. The loading personnel and the drivers are specially trained and have the necessary expertise in handling the animals. Our own fleet of vehicles provides us with the highest degree of process reliability and thus meets our high quality standards for loading and transportation.

At the destination, the slaughterhouse, the trucks and the animals are checked and inspected by state veterinarians.