Trendsetter for husbandry evaluation

Our focus is on the welfare and well-being of our animals. With our internal “Animal Welfare Tested” system, we have set a new industry standard.

Animal welfare

Our entrepreneurial diligence and our responsible way of acting ensure the welfare of the animals. This is why we launched the HEIDEMARK initiative “Animal Welfare Tested” with research and agricultural experts in 2010 and thus made animal welfare verifiable through indicators. On this basis, a bonus system has been put in operation. Measurable animal welfare indicators, such as the condition of the turkey footpads, form the basis of our own HEIDEMARK bonus system. The better the animal welfare indicators turn out to be, the higher the bonus payment for the respective turkey farmer. For the sake of animal welfare, we continue to make steady progress and work constructively with important animal welfare associations and NGOs. Together we are looking for ways to further enhance the relationship between maximum animal welfare and economic sustainability.