Animal friendly at every stage

Modern turkey houses provide the animals with room for natural behaviour at every stage of development. At HEIDEMARK, the future of turkey husbandry has already begun.

Husbandry conditions

HEIDEMARK concerns itself intensively with the further development of husbandry systems. After all, husbandry conditions represent a decisive factor when it comes to animal welfare. The turkeys are generally reared in floor space systems. Feed and water are permanently available to the animals; open housing with outdoor climate areas provide the animals with daylight and fresh air.

The optimum slaughter weight is achieved by a turkey hen at about 16 weeks and by a turkey stag at 21 weeks. For this reason, the turkey stags and hens are bred and kept separately in specially designed houses. In the husbandry phase, the animals are offered occupational materials such as hay racks and pick stones. In the litter material, essentially straw, the turkeys are able to peck, scrabble and dust-bathe and thus act out their natural behaviour. After the animals’ final removal from the house it is cleaned and disinfected intensively.

The focus of our efforts is on creating husbandry conditions that allow our animals to develop in the best possible way. What the attractive and species-appropriate house of the future should look like can already be experienced today at some of the HEIDEMARK locations. We are gradually introducing this ideal concept into the market.