As a family-run company with a long-standing tradition, we have always endeavoured to secure the trust of our employees, business partners and customers by acting with integrity and in compliance with the law. We are aware that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to the entire company that our business activities are always orientated towards the applicable laws and our internal company guidelines.

Together, we are responsible for the reputation of the HEIDEMARK Group and its development. Our shared values form the basis for this.

The cornerstones of the HEIDEMARK Group's corporate culture are morally impeccable behaviour as well as integrity and compliance with the rules without exception. All our employees and business partners are required to comply with applicable laws and internal company guidelines. The HEIDEMARK Group will support its employees and business partners in acquiring the necessary knowledge to ensure compliant behaviour on their own responsibility and in a self-determined manner.

Furthermore, it is important to us that both our employees and our business partners treat each other fairly and respectfully. We expect our employees and business partners to act in accordance with the fundamental values of fairness and honesty, particularly with regard to the treatment of people, animals and the environment.



Our compliance management system (CMS) combines all measures, processes and structures to ensure (internal and external) compliant behaviour throughout the company. It serves to pursue our compliance objectives and is intended to prevent damage to our company, our employees and our business partners, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the company.



Possible compliance violations must be identified, analysed and remedied at an early stage. This is the only way to remedy any misconduct as quickly as possible. We are therefore grateful to our employees, customers, business partners and other third parties if they inform us of possible compliance violations. We have set up a whistleblower system for this purpose. Reports can be submitted anonymously at any time worldwide.



In addition to our internal code of conduct as part of our HEIDEMARK compliance management system, we also expect sustainable and legally compliant behaviour from our business partners throughout the entire supply chain. In addition to compliance with the applicable legal requirements, this applies in particular to compliance with human rights and environmental standards. The basis for this is our ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’, which can be viewed here and forms the basis of every business relationship with us. We have documented our human rights strategy in a binding and transparent declaration of principles, which can be viewed here.