Plenty of packagings

More shelf life, freshness, convenience or local specialities in the target market - we package our turkey products according to your wishes.

Freshly packaged

Heidemark supports you as a trading partner in the area of packaging with its expertise, experience, innovative ideas and technical know-how. The services include all marketable packagings, but also special materials, controlled atmospheres and country-specific solutions. With Heidemark, you can rely on packaging solutions that perform at the point of sale and protect the product from external influences right to consumption - from classic protective gas packagings (MAP) to innovative CPET oven tray packing solutions.


We would be pleased to work with you to develop individual, ecologically forward-looking packing concepts.


Heidemark packaging ensures consistency, freshness and durability. Our customers in Germany and Europe are benefiting from these factors.


On our packaging we provide all information on nutritional values, shelf life and traceability that is valid and required in the target market. Together we will also find the right packaging solution for your requirements. We look forward to receiving your no obligation enquiry.