Our goal is to meet the quality expectations of our customers in regard to our products and services and to attain a high level of customer satisfaction. The consistent implementation of this mission statement is the basis for the company’s success.

We aim to attain equal consideration of ecological and social aspects, promote transparency in the production of our products, and achieve quality, safety and efficiency. We achieve this, among other things, through the quality management system that incorporates the entire production chain.

This includes our internal process stages like hatching of the eggs, the compound feed mill, our own veterinary supervision as well as slaughter and product refinement and the integration of external process stages that concern our business partners and suppliers.

Because of the importance of hygiene management within a food production company the implementation of the Heidemark hygiene concept is an essential contribution to controlling the processes and the production of safe products. This concept is a basic component of the quality assurance system and regulates all hygiene measures for employees and the entire business premises.

Because evaluation by external and independent persons and institutions is especially important for maintaining our hygiene requirements we perform numerous neutral quality inspections within the company.

Quality should be established as the result of inspections, but should always be the goal in the production process. We aim to guide our employees from an “it will be controlled“ way of thinking to “preventative“ thinking. We aim to convey to our employees that mistakes and problems can be used as an opportunity for improvement.

Quality is a dynamic factor that is subject to a constant improvement process. This understanding is promoted in all employees in order to integrate their creativity in the entire operational process thereby creating increased motivation.