Quality is a dynamic factor that is subject to a constant improvement process. Quality cannot be identified first by a test result but must already and always be the goal during the operational process. We aim to guide our employees from an “it will be controlled“ way of thinking to “preventative“ thinking.

We must comply with German and European general legal conditions. Food legislation, feed legislation, animal protection laws and the respective regulations, to name the most important, give strict guidelines. Furthermore, we fulfil the requirements of a number of external quality safety systems like QS, IFS, BRC as well as HACCP.

Together these general conditions place high demands on our procedures, products and employees when it comes to quality control and risk analysis.

A system at all levels: control of housing, transport and production to the counter

Focus on food safety, hygiene and operating environment

Emphasis on consistent universally accepted food standards.

Analysis of processes: recognising risks and control points and monitoring them