Vertical integration

The vertically integrated production system combines efficiency with food quality and safety. For us integration means 100% responsibility for a visual, sensory and microbiologically impeccable product and a reasonable price-performance ratio.

The production chain begins in agricultural parent stock establishments. The hatching eggs that the chicks come from are produced here.

The eggs are delivered on incubator trays by truck to the hatchery. After hatching the chicks are sorted, counted and prepared for their drive to the farmer in transport boxes. Selected farmers ensure the controlled rearing of the animals.

The animals receive feed from own feed mill made according to predefined recipes. Experienced veterinarians and agricultural engineers consistently ensure the health of the animals.

The next production steps follow the requirements and wishes of the customers and consumers for a product fit for consumption. Refrigerated trucks bring the goods directly to customers around the clock.

Coordination between orders received and all preceding production steps in the integrated production system leads to optimal utilisation of capacities and supply capability.