It is our objective to constantly improve the quality, safety and efficiency of our products and processes as a manufacturer of poultry specialities: this also includes dealing with our environment respectfully and responsibly in order to conserve it for future generations.

We have ascertained the nature and extent of the environmentally relevant, main influences that result from our company's activity and we are committed to monitoring these influences through taking responsible and sustainable, economically efficient measures in order to steadily minimize them, so that our environmental performance is sustainably improved as a result.

We are committed to handling the natural raw materials and resources economically, as well as to complying with all of the environmentally relevant legal requirements, to preventing or reducing waste and to using the sources of energy - especially water - economically and in a targeted way: this approach applies to our company's entire value-added chain.

We structure our processes within the framework of our quality-management system and our energy-management system in order to implement our obligations and we monitor all of the environmentally relevant data continuously.

We are improving our environmental performance sustainably by means of handling the water, electricity and heating gas in particularly economical ways. We are reducing the organic waste by means of increasing the added value (real net output) of meat as our raw material, as well as through investing in innovative technologies for recycling our waste water and recovering energy in the form of heat.

We are using fuel-saving engines and the latest exhaust-filtering technology in the area of transport and we are working on constantly optimizing our transport logistics in order to improve the utilization of our vehicles.

The environmentally relevant aspects represent an important criterion of choice when selecting our suppliers of energy and raw materials. We prefer to consider the subjects of environment and energy besides the quality, efficiency and reliable delivery of our equally capable suppliers. We also want to be able to prove that their working sequences and use of resources are suitably sustainable.

Successful environmental protection can only be achieved through all of the employees working together actively. Therefore, the responsibility for taking environmentally aware actions affects every employee in his area of responsibility and the managing levels most of all should follow it as a living example, or they should support it as the case may be; they must provide the requisite resources for this purpose as well.

We cultivate public dialogue about the subjects of environmental and sustainability with our customers, the statutory authorities and other interested parties in order to be continue being successful in the area of environmental protection in future too.