This is how we label our products

You will find extensive nutritional information on all of our product packaging. The basis of our data is the standard values for daily intake of healthy adults, which are used consistently by manufacturers. It should be noted that it is a matter of average values, not individual values.

This is how to read the data on the above example:
For a quick overview, the calorie and nutritional content of one serving, in this example 150 g, is on the front of the packaging. The amount of energy in kilocalories also refers to one serving. One serving of the product has an energy content and/or calorific value of 165 kcal. This amount of energy correlates with 8 % of the standard value of the daily intake of 2000 kcal. This means: the food supplies 8 % of the energy that one should intake daily.

Information on the back of the product:
On the back of the product packaging you will find eight sections of nutritional value information, including energy (calorific value in kcal), protein (in g), carbohydrates (in g), sugar (in g), fat (in g), saturated fat (in g), dietary fibre (in g) and sodium.

In addition to the legally required nutritional value information per 100 g of product, we also list the energy and nutrient content per serving and/or item. Furthermore, you also find out what percentage of the standard value for daily adult intake you achieve by consuming the product.

All explanations about nutritional values with one click:
For more information on nutritional values, use your mouse to click on the definitions in the image.