In a highly developed, densely populated industrial society like our own, food production has become a complex and strictly supervised process. The consumers must be the highest priority. That’s why we accept and encourage all mandatory inspections and surveillances and supplement them with voluntary measures.

Heidemark has introduced a “closed system“ – from the delivery of feed to the farms, to the slaughterhouse. All of the stages in this system are subject to precise monitoring. In addition, all final products can be traced back completely. In this way we want to guarantee the highest possible level of safety and transparency for the consumer and reduce uncertainties from outside to a minimum.

Satisfying the needs and wishes of customers in regard to nutrition, enjoyment and trustworthy quality is one of our main goals. Creating innovative and competitive products while taking health and technology relevant aspects into consideration and optimising product development processes – these are the tasks of our product development team. Our products are developed according to customer wishes - from the idea, to goods that are ready for sale. Heidemark offers customer specific product solutions that are planned and developed in house.

As a responsible producer of poultry, Heidemark support an active lifestyle and informing consumers about the responsible enjoyment of poultry. That is why we always answer consumer questions responsibly and place consumer friendly nutritional labels on the products.

Knowledge concerning the connection between nutrition and wellbeing is always being broadened. This helps in developing food that has a positive effect on health.

Heidemark is committed to responsible communication with its consumers and we take responsibility for the quality of our products.