Working together with partners is founded in quality, safety and reliability. We work exclusively with suppliers/business partners who comply with our quality politics and requirements. When it comes to our supplier relationships we also put consumer protection first.
With our “closed system“ we are mindful of extensive risk reduction in the area of feed supply and other relevant supply relationships.

The relationships with the farmers who raise the animals for us are of great significance. It is especially important for us to support the farmers in all relevant matters and to make our know-how available to them amidst changing conditions. This also has the purpose of ensuring the highest quality and safety of our products.

We are in constant dialogue with the responsible authorities on a national and international level in order to support or implement relevant statutory provisions and regulations and/or agreements.

An essential aspect of Heidemark’s image is a high degree of flexibility, quality and adherence to delivery dates. The respective applicable contracts and/or agreements based on our conditions of purchase and quality guidelines are fundamental in our cooperation with suppliers/business friends.

Through regular inspections and assessments of suppliers Heidemark ensures permanent transparency and makes effective supplier management possible.

Suppliers are considered for further orders only when they have a continuing level of quality. We cultivate a fair, future and market oriented cooperation with suppliers/business partners the goal of which is satisfaction amongst our common customers.

Furthermore, we encourage cooperation and communication with universities and professional associations in order to achieve constant knowledge updates that benefit both sides. The goal of these efforts is a continuous improvement of products, politics and services.

We are positively open to constructive dialogue with non-government organisations that have proven their beneficial commitment and responsible conduct. In addition, we are interested in long-term cooperation with local communities. Personal commitment on the side of personnel together with financial support and the exchange of know-how with local organisations contribute to building long lasting relationships with communities and promote mutual understanding.

Requirements for working together are:
  • constant high levels of quality
  • supplier permits and loyalty
  • deadline guarantees
  • business flexibility
  • competitive price levels
  • individual improvement program and willingness to be innovative in order to increase productivity
  • reliability and honesty in all areas of working together.