10 basic rules of healthy eating

How do I eat healthy? What rules do I need to observe? The German Society for Nutrition has come up with clear answers to these questions and has formulated 10 rules:
  • Variety on the plate often not only tastes better but also keeps you healthy.
  • Whole grains contain a lot of fibre. It is good for your body and digestion.
  • 5 a day: five servings of fruit and vegetables a day keep you slim and fit.
  • Calcium is an essential mineral. Milk and milk products are great providers of calcium and should therefore be consumed daily.
  • Say no to fatty meats more often such as pork, in favour of low-fat poultry meat. This will help you reduce a large amount of fat intake.
  • Too much sugar leads to tooth cavities and obesity. Use sugar sparingly.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water. Water is the “most essential“ foodstuff.
  • Don’t overcook your meals; this not only destroys the vitamins but also the taste.
  • Food for the eyes: enjoy your food a little more by deliciously serving it and then eating it in peace.
  • Take enough exercise. Movement is good for your health and a trained body forgives small dietary sins faster.